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Parent/Player Contract – Volleyball

Frederick Volleyball Program 2017-2018

Web site: http://fhs-warriors.com/girls_volleyball

Contact: – we will be using Remind – enter 81010 and then text @dbkh4f

Registration, Physical and Player/Parent Contracts are required and must be completed and on file in order to try out

Coaching Philosophy:

Our job as coaches is to do everything we can to help those we coach grow, develop, and succeed – no more no less.  We strive to teach the game of volleyball in a way that the players learn teamwork and life skills in a competitive framework where their commitment to the success of the team comes before that of the individual.  We as coaches strive to create an environment that fosters trust and respect and where players provide maximum effort when confidently and competently executing advanced volleyball skills.  We strive to make playing and competing fun so they can enjoy playing the game of volleyball, now and throughout their lives.


Team Principles:

Everyone is a Key Contributor: we all play an important part in the success failure of the team and program.  The fact that some members may have more prominent role at times does not change this.

Positivity in both directions: It is important that we support each other in a positive, constructive way.  It’s equally important for each of us to accept the same in return.

Every team is different: We coach based on the current team’s unique composition.  This is the only way to maximize its potential.


Playing Principles:

Relentless Defense – We do not let balls hit the floor on our side of the court uncontested – ever!

Intelligent Decision Making – We will be aware of the situation and make the play with the best chance of success.

The Little Things Matter – We will always be in the moment, focused on our responsibility right now.


Core Values and Attributes – The following is a list of vales that members of the

Frederick Volleyball Program will demonstrate.  These factors are just as important as individual volleyball skills in the determination of who earns a position in the Frederick Volleyball Program.


Attitude & Enthusiasm


Collaboration & Cooperation



High Academic Standards

Represent – you, your team, your school & your family


Strong Work Ethic



Trust & Respect

Over all Expectation:

  1. A Players conduct on and off the court is expected to be mature and demonstrate sportsmanship.
  2. Players must maintain a positive mental attitude. Criticisms, if you have them, must be directed to Coach Robison or other coaches.
  3. Criticizing or making derogatory comments about or to your teammates or coaches will not be tolerated. We will treat each other with respect.
  4. You must control your emotions. Absolutely NO swearing will be allowed at any time.
  5. You must be coachable. Signs of disgust, talking back, or noncooperation will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.
  6. Proper apparel is required at all practices. This includes: spandex shorts, practice t-shirt, tennis shoes, and knee pads. All jewelry must be removed including earrings.

Academic Expectations:

  1. The Student’s academic education comes first. All students are required to achieve and maintain passing grades in order to be eligible to practice and compete.  Anyone not making and maintaining acceptable grades according to the grade policy, having excessive tardiness or absences, or behavior problems in class will result in a disciplinary action(s).
  2. The coaching staff reserves the right to limit/restrict participation and playing time based on unsatisfactory academic performance and/or demonstration of poor core values.
  3. Student-athletes that gets caught drinking, smoking, with drugs or gets an Minor in Possession (MIP) during season will adhere to the St.Vrain Valley School District Athletic Handbook policies and further disciplinary action upon discretion of the coaches.

Practice Rules:

  1. Players attendance at practice is absolutely necessary. Coming late or missing a practice or game shows a lack of commitment and respect for your coach and team and will result in some disciplinary action toward the entire team, program and/or individual.
  2. Excused absences due to illness, family emergency, or special circumstances should be approved prior to practice or a game. Notify your coach by calling or texting. At the following practice, the player must bring a note from her parent explaining her absence.
  3. If you have a school related activity that conflicts with practice or a game you must inform your coach ahead of time.
  4. As a player in practice and games you will listen to all the coaches, work hard and push yourself to your fullest potential.
  5. If a player is going to miss or be late for practice for any reason including being sick, they must let the coach know prior to missing that practice. Missing a practice may result in not playing in a game, match or a reduction in playing time.
  6. Injured players should attend practice to support their team.
  7. If you are sick and have an excused absence from school, you need to check in with your coach to determine when you should be attending practice and games.
  8. No cell phones will be allowed at practice or games. If a player is caught with a cell phone it will result in disciplinary action. If cell phones are identified as a problem, it is up to the coach’s discretion to change the cell phone policy.

Game Conduct:

  1. A player must attend half a day of class the day of a game to be eligible to play in that match. Unexcused absences the day of the game may result in loss of playing time.
  2. Playing time is not negotiable and is strictly at the discretion of the coaching staff. The coaching staff will do what they feel is right for the team. You are expected to be a team player with a positive and supportive attitude.  Playing time will only be discussed with the player and not with the parents.
  3. Respect your opponents. No taunting of opponents is allowed.
  4. Respect the referees. Never question a call or respond in a disrespectful fashion. Any questions will come from the coaching staff only.
  5. Show good sportsmanship at all times. Maintain a high character. It is one of the most important traits you will carry with you your entire life.

Transportation Conduct & Behavior:

  1. All players must ride the bus to and from out of town games.
  2. The bus will leave on time. We will not wait for you. If you miss the bus you will not dress for the game.
  3. We will clean up the bus after every trip and thank the bus driver for driving. There will be conditioning consequences for trash left on the bus.

Equipment Care:

  1. If you lose or destroy your uniform or school equipment during the season you will be charged the cost to replace it.
  2. Before and After Practice: Every team member is responsible for the set up and take down of all nets and poles and collection of all volleyball equipment.
  3. Before Home Games: The Varsity and Junior Varsity players are responsible for setting up the game nets.
  4. After Home Games: The Junior Varsity and C-Team players are responsible for taking down the game nets and poles and picking up the bench area and volleyball equipment.


Parent involvement in our program is very important to our success.  We can not do this without you.  There will be many opportunities for parents to volunteer their time and talents.  We will need help with various activities, before games food, team dinners, service projects, team moms, fundraising, banquets, Breast Cancer Awareness and many other things.

The coaching staff is focused on ensuring each and every player has a positive experience while participating in the Frederick Volleyball Program.  We recognize that individual parents are primarily if not exclusively concerned about their own child where we as a Coaching Staff are concerned about each player and the team as a whole.  The Coaching staff will do what we believe to be in the best interest of the team and program.  Sometimes that may create a conflict with an individual’s situation and a parent’s opinion or perspective.

There are a few points all parents must remember when their child participates in extracurricular programs:

  1. Parents are to positively support their daughters and the coaching staff.
  2. Parents and players may not always agree with what the coaching staff is doing but we are doing our best to make the program the best that it can be. If there are concerns, it is up to the player to discuss these concerns with the coach.
  3. Parents and fans are expected to be supportive of players and the program while maintaining a good positive sportsmanship attitude. Parents will set an example for their child by Honoring the Game, respecting Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self.
  4. Parents if you disagree with an official’s call, please “Honor the Game” and be silent. Use self-control and be an example of good sportsmanship.
  5. Coach attitude and not skill. Please don’t compete with the coaching staff (refrain from providing tips, before or after games, at the dinner table, etc).  At some point your child may feel frustrated and discouraged, provide encouragement to keep trying and making an effort.
  6. Never compare the skill, athletic ability or attitude of your child to that of another member of the team or program. Everyone brings something different, unique and special to the team.
  7. At games, keep comments and criticism to yourself. You may not know who is listening.
  8. Appreciate the fact that your child has chosen to participate rather than spectate. Be proud of their willingness to try.
  9. Parent’s negative actions outside of practice do impact the player’s attitudes, that attitude will impact the team.
  10. Issues and conflicts – please allow time for both parties to cool down, listen and encourage player to address and resolve on their own with the individual and coaches in question. Teach them to be responsible and accountable.
  11. If a parents needs to talk to the coach the district has a 24-hour waiting policy. Do not approach a coach at a game or tournament expecting to have a discussion. There must be at least a 24-hour time frame in between competition and a meeting with the coaching staff.
  12. If questions arise please follow the proper chain –
    1. encourage your child to discuses issues with the coach
    2. if needed player, parent and coach will meet
    3. if issue isn’t resolved player, parent and coach will meet with the Athletic Director
  13. Questions around playing time will only be discussed with the players.


We would like to thank you for your support going into our season. We appreciate all of your encouragement, dedication, and sacrifices you have made to get your daughters where they are today! We look forward to entering into and continuing our partnership in your daughter’s education and athletic career.

Please return this portion to the coaching staff


Frederick High School

Volleyball Programs Expectations

Parental Agreement:

We, the parents or guardians of ____________________________________, have read the Frederick High School Volleyball Program’s Expectations and agree to help our daughter abide by the rules and regulations as stated. We also agree to support the coaching staff and their decisions.

signed __________________________________ date ___________________

Parental signature (guardian)


Student Agreement: 

I have read the Frederick High School Volleyball Program’s Expectations, and I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations as stated.


signed _________________________________ date ___________________

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