Warriors News · Golf Tryout Info

Gentlemen and Parents,

CHSAA and the State of Colorado have approved the start of the high school boy’s golf season.  FHS Boys Golf tryouts are on Monday, August 3rd at Coyote Creek GC and Tuesday, August 4th, at Bella Rosa GC. Our first tee time each day is at 2pm. Please arrive at the course between 1 and 1:15pm and plan to stay until everyone has completed their round.  We should all be done at 6:30. Along with score, things like grade level will be taken into consideration in determining the team. That doesn’t mean underclassmen should feel they are safe by being in those grades. Being on the team in prior years is not an advantage.  We will play the Blues at Coyote Creek and  White/Blue combo at Bella Rosa . 

The CHSAA Golf Committee met and they recommend a total team roster size of 10 players. 

Tournament hosts are encouraged to switch to tee times instead of shotgun starts.  This will spread players out for warmups, etc. This will also result in some tournaments taking fewer entrants and warmup times being shortened.  There are to be no large informational meeting gatherings before events and no award ceremonies after events.  Spectators will be allowed, but they cannot gather on the range etc. before play and should return to the parking lot as soon as play is completed.  As always, spectators must stay off tee boxes, fairways, and greens.  They should be ten plus yards away from players, greens, and tees at all times unless helping search for a lost ball which is encouraged.  Spectators may offer words of encouragement but no advice.  Walking and talking with a player can be considered advice regardless of the content of the conversation. Coaches are the only ones allowed to provide advice to players.  (Players cannot give advice to their teammates.  But, the coach can be an intermediary there too.)  Players can be penalized for spectators violating these rules.

  CHSAA also announced all electronic scoring at tournaments this season using the CHSAA Golf/iWanamaker app. Please download the app as we will use this on Monday. 

Coyote Creek and Bella Rosa requires social distancing of at least six feet at all times on their facility; this includes anywhere on the course.  Please live up to this, as they’ve warned all schools that not doing so will result in loss of our privileges to use their facility. Mask are required to be worn at all times this fall. 

We will do electronic scorecard exchange, as historically done at tournaments, for our tryout rounds.You are responsible for keeping the official score for another player in your group as well as tracking your own score. All players should announce their score to the group after completion of each hole.Scores should be recorded before teeing off on the next hole.  Any disagreements should be worked out among the group. Recount the hole together. As keeper of another player’s score, you need to pay attention to their score each hole! All players are encouraged to pay attention to the scores of all players in their group.  At the end of a hole, a scorer should not tell a player what they believe the player had. The player should say their score, then the scorer should agree or begin discussion recounting the hole.  If you think someone had a different score, say something.  Ignoring it is worse!

Cheating will not be tolerated.  Some scores were called into question the past. Don’t cheat. If you cheat, you will not make the team. If you make the team and cheat later, you will be dismissed from the team.  Play by the rules of golf.  You should own a Rules book, read it more than once, and keep it in your bag!  When uncertain of a ruling and no official or coach is available, play two balls (declaring which you want to be the one to count).  When you see an official/coach, you can address the rule in question then.

If you make the team, we will practice on Wednesday and Thursday at Bella Rosa from 2-4pm. We will have a tournament in Fort Morgan and will bring 9 total players. When school begins, our time will be 3:30pm-5:15pm We will likely play nine holes one or two days a week as part of practice for the day.

We have tournaments scheduled weekly with multiple some weeks. It’s unlikely any player will play in all of those events (but possible), and it is likely that some players may not be entered in any of those events.  You must attend practice to be entered in tournaments.  If you have to miss practice, let me know well in advance. 

In order to participate in the official golf season, you must complete SVVSD athletic registration which is due before practice on Monday with the office!! 

See you on Monday!  Work on your short game!

Thank you

Coach DeSantis