Multiple Teams · Baseball: Tough Way To End A Hard Working Season

It is with great sorrow that, I must tell you all what you may already know. What we feared may happen is now our reality. The Spring 2020 Baseball season has been canceled. I along with you all had high hopes and expectation for this year. Unfortunately due to the circumstances in which find ourselves, it has been deemed, rightfully so, safer to forgo this season.

This group of men has been amazing, and as a team set the bar high for future Warriors Baseball teams! As I recieve information on what we can and cannot do over the coming weeks I will get that to you ASAP! The 2021 season officially starts now. You are now taking the next step in you scholastic and athletic careers.

From all of this I hope you take that tomorrow is never guaranteed and that you never know when you will play your last game. Today we look forward to how we will prepare you all for next year.

College FR- Are you enrolled, do you have all you paperwork done, classes picked, and housing set? If you are playing at the next level, have you touched base with your coaches to see what they want you to do for workouts in preparation for the Fall?

SR’s- How will you match the leadership given to you by the class leaving? Have you set your classes, personal and team goals? Have you started to eye schools and think about what your next step is? How will you work everyday to prepare for your last year of HS and HS season of Baseball?

JR’s- Looking at the year behind how can you make the steps needed for you to grow in school, socially, and athletically? Are you preparing for a heavier scholastic load? You need to start researching colleges and post HS career options. For a lot of you we will be expecting a large jump, how are you working for that success?

SO’s- Your 1st year of classes and playing HS baseball was severely truncated, how will you prepare and push your own growth? How can you take the next step in the classroom and on the field? You have gotten your feet wet now you have to start swimming!

As coaches we will be right back at it as soon as we are given the ok. There is a HUGE amount of growth that needs to be accomplished in a short amount of time. But we have great young men who have been given a great example of what it takes from this graduating class. We will set and expect to accomplish all our goals! We will still be doing exit interviews even if it has to be by video.

I cannot express my love and admiration for this group of men. A lesser quality of individuals would’ve broken down and quit as we pushed all the changes that we did over the last 12 months. You rose to every challenge met it and exceeded expectations. In my heart this would’ve been a playoff team. We would’ve set school records in the classroom and on the field(Ty did set the Deadlift record)!

Please guard against complacency. Use your resources provided to get better, and never settle for average.

You all are amazing young men, the coaching staff and I am proud of all of you! We are excited for the future for our graduates, as well as the future of this program.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions comments and or concerns, I and the staff are always available!

The Foundation has been laid processes established, goals set, examples provided. We now owe it to ourselves and those who came before us to follow through and become the men and the program that we have the ability to!

From the coaching staff and myself, thank you to all of you for a very successful year 1!

Thankfully yours,

The 2020 FHS Baseball Coaching Staff