Warriors News · FHS Youth B-Ball Camp (Important Information for FHS Player Workers!)

Parents & Guardians,

I hope your summer has gotten off to a great start!  This article is a reminder that the FHS Boys B-Ball program is putting on a kids (3-8 grade) camp this week (Monday(10) – Thursday(14)/4 Days) from 9am-12pm and we need ALL FHS summer players (including freshman) to help with camp.   We have had a great response in the area and the camp is completely full.  Our players of all ages will be running stations and working first hand with the kids in camp.  However, in order to make sure players are ready and organized we need them to follow the below protocol for tomorrow morning and the rest of the week.

Purpose:  The purpose of running this camp is to give back to the community, highlight the great kids in our program, develop future Warrior basketball players, and raise funds for the 2019-2020 season.

Arrival:  All players/workers should arrive by 8:15am on Monday morning for a quick staff meeting in order to get briefed on their jobs and ready for the day.  All subsequent days players should arrive by 8:40am for a quick huddle and information for the day.

Departure:  Players/workers will help cleanup on outdoor courts and in the gym after camp ends.  Immediately after this is done players/workers can leave – 12:15pm at the latest, probably a little earlier.

Attire:  We have purchased coaching t-shirts for each player/coach that need to be worn daily.  This will allow the campers to quickly identify the coaches for any need.

Daily Competition/Prize:  There will be a “Coach of the day” competition on a daily basis.  The adult coaches will vote each day for the fhs player/coach that they feel stood out for their effort with the campers.  The winner each day will be announced at the end of camp and will receive a gift card.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Go Warriors!