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Warriors News · Rampart Invite Foxes and Hounds Race on September 30

The Rampart Invite Foxes and Hounds race is coming up on September 30. It should be a lot of fun and challenging. If you are not familiar with a Foxes and Hounds style race, I have included the information that I have. The times for running are: 8:45 am JV girls, 9:20 am JV boys, 9:50 am varsity girls and 10:20 am varsity boys. The Rampart Invite is at Cottonwood Creek Park in Colorado Springs. See you all there.

What is Foxes and Hounds? Foxes and Hounds is a unique style of cross country race that puts runners in situations they may not otherwise get to experience, teaches them to race their own race, and brings out their inner competitor. How it works is each team in the field submits their top 7 runners in order from 7th-1st. Each runner is then started individually with only the same number runner from each other team. There are 20 second gaps between each group of runners’ starts. So, the first gun will start every teams #7 runner, 20 seconds later the gun will shoot again and each teams #6 will go, then 20 seconds to #5 and so on until finally 2:00 after the #7’s started each teams fastest runner will start the race. All runners will follow the same course and the meet will be scored using each team’s first 5 finishers based on actual finish order like any other meet. If you enter fewer than 7 runners they will start in the later spots (leaving your teams #7 and #6 spots etc. open).

The course: The spectator friendly course is a mix of grass, gravel, sidewalk and natural dirt surfaces. There are a few hills and the course will have an exciting creek crossing in the second half of the race. ***Please note: there will be an alternate course prepared if weather dictates that creek crossings are not safe.