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Warriors News · Spirit Team- Cheer and Dance Update 6/27-7/1

Spirit Team Update: 6/27- 7/1

Practice 6/27, 6/28, 6/29 6:30-8:30

-Please turn in your Wyoming Camp Waiver at practice TODAY (TUESDAY). If you have not gotten it yet, please turn it in on Wednesday at practice.

-Camp on Saturday July 1- Dancers and Cheerleaders Please arrive by 8:30 am. Lunch will be catered by Georgia Boys BBQ. Cheerleaders meals are 100% paid for thanks to a very successful Car Wash last Saturday worked by the cheerleaders. Dancers please bring $8 each to contribute towards dessert and paper wear. Please bring this no later than Wednesday at Practice! We are hoping to have one practice wear uniform for you by camp, however if we don’t please stay tuned for details on what we will be wearing.

-Bingo schedules have been passed out to all athletes that were at practice on Thursday June 22. Please thoroughly check them over to make sure they are accurate and that you can attend all dates you have been assigned to. Please contact Coaches for any questions. Our first bingo date is July 8.

-Snap-Raise- Please make sure you are sending out emails and follow-up emails. We need to be at 100% participation!

-Fees are being uploaded to athlete’s individual Rev Trak accounts. All accounts must be paid in full by August 15.

-July 15th– Relay for Life- We will be cheering during the Survivor Lap at Relay For Life at Hart Park in Firestone. More details to come

-July 22- Tumbling and dance technique clinic. Please bring $50 for the clinic and lunch.