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Multiple Teams · Please get involved with the FHS Booster Club

As the Athletic Director, I know how important the support of parents is to a successful high school athletic program.  That support comes in many ways, including an active and successful booster club.  Please give some consideration to getting involved in the FHS Booster Club.  The next meeting, which may be one of the more important ones of the year, will be Monday, March 14th at 6:30 pm.  The meeting is being held in the teachers lounge, but I hope we have enough attendance that we have to move it to the library.
Ernie Derrera,
This year is coming to an end and it was successful on many levels!
1. We have had more concessions times and more money paid out to groups than ever before!
2. We have built more relationships within the school with coaches and staff and both are feeling more comfortable approaching and working with Boosters!
3. We engaged the school and community again this year with a very successful Tailgate (this year including more of our teams and clubs from within the school to be active participants in hosting) and kicked off a first-time event in Casino Night! It was a big hit with everyone who attended and has the potential to become our biggest and only fundraising event, if it is continued!
The meeting for this month is one week away and there are several items that need our attention. This meeting should be very productive. I have extended the meeting time to provide necessary coverage of those items. Please come prepared to stay within the 15 minute time slot for the subject area you will be covering. (Please look at it as any presentation being given within a certain amount of time- leave some time for questions and answers as there will probably be some in each area this week.) We will be utilizing the by-laws in every subject area.

I am also giving additional time to go over the by-laws at the start of the meeting, I will bring highlighted copies so we are all on the same page when each topic is covered during the meeting. Additional time is also set for people to review what has been documented this year for concessions and our treasurer’s reports for anyone who has questions/concerns. I believe both are present at every meeting, but we will set aside time this meeting specifically for their viewing for those who have never seen them or have any questions.
I appreciate everyone’s hard work, time and talents this year!
Don’t forget, we have the position of President opening up, be sure to share this information as elections are coming up!
Thank you.
Best Regards,
Callico Neu
President, FHS Booster Club